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We believe everyone deserves epic success

What we do

As a hyper-growth hub, we connect your tech organization with those rare professionals who are hard to find. And we offer these professionals a seamless experience from job search, relocation, to onboarding for a cool portfolio of clients. Wget (sh)it done and stay involved beyond the process to lend a helping hand. Our approach is personalalways, as it should be!

Our Core Values

Working with Your Talent Agency is not something you have experienced before. We make every interaction memorable, every recruitment assignment a success, and every relocation a welcome home party. 

People First

Whether you’re hiring or looking to get hired, we’re there for you. We’re your dedicated partner for the long haul, and just one phone call away. Our approach is personal and involved, as it should be!

Get (Sh)it Done

Let us do the hard work for you. We meet your challenges head-on with our epic team. This way, you get to focus on your expertise. We go the extra mile and get (sh)it done, accelerating your growth. It’s just what we do.


When it comes to our clients, we see every scaling challenge as an opportunity to find the perfect people and bring them to your doorstep. Rebellious, epic, and spontaneous, that’s how we make your experience unforgettable.

I want to say how impressed I am with Your Talent Agency. Everyone I spoke with was warm and professional, and always willing to listen and answer any questions I had about the process. Not only did Your Talent Agency do a wonderful job of finding me the right position at a great company, but she also made sure to always let me know in advance of what to expect from the emigration process, so nothing came as a surprise.

Jeffrey Johnson – Software Developer  
South Africa

What other people say about us

“Scaling up with international candidates sounded complicated when we started conversations with Your Talent Agency back in 2018. But the team made it easy and we managed to hire so many qualified senior IT professionals ever since. With the Dutch language program and amazing relocation services they offer, most recruited candidates are still working with Capgemini!”

Desiree Fraser & Tineke Soellaart | Division Managers | Capgemini

“Your Talent Agency always thinks in borderless possibilities. Talent is coming from around the globe and is bringing a lot of diversity and personality to an existing environment. The YTA team listens, works fast and structured and always delivers! For us a very valuable partner in our ongoing talent acquisitions challenges.”

Jurriaan Graaf | HR Director| Aidence