Your Talent Agency sources, recruits, and relocates international tech talent so your teams hit their milestones, your investors stay happy, and you blast your company into the f*cking stratosphere.

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We match international talent to tech companies in the Netherlands.

We source, recruit, and relocate global talents to help you hit your milestones.

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We source, recruit and relocate.
You hire, onboard and scale up.


1. Sourcing

Our great team of experts has access to a global talent pool with strong candidates. We’ll identify, assess and engage potential candidates for your vacancies faster than you can say “bitterballen”.

2. Recruitment

All those mails, phone calls, and meetings are no longer on your plate. We do our research. We know the type of candidates you dream of. When it comes to pre-screening, interviewing and shortlisting candidates, we got you.

3. Relocation

We know how much you DON'T like calling with the IND and Belastingdienst for hours. No problem. We take care of the whole process from visas, housing, the 30% ruling to midnight airport pick-ups.

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Scaling up in the hyper growth phase requires courage.

  • Does sourcing, recruiting and relocating international talent take a lot of time?

    With Your Talent Agency, you can start interviewing quality candidates within a week. On average within 4-8 weeks after your candidate signed the contract, we can pick up your new colleague from the airport. Our fastest achievement was getting a VISA approved with the IND within 4 days. In 98% of the cases we also find your new colleague a one year house contract within 30 days after arrival.

  • Is sourcing, recruiting and relocating international talent expensive?

    If you think relocating international talent is expensive, count the days that pass with those open positions uncovered. Think about time, money, lost opportunities, your product not growing, not being able to deploy and live, not embarking on new opportunities and saying no to new clients, having your teams overworked and lacking focus, and so on. Not filling up those open positions is way more expensive.

  • Is sourcing, recruiting and relocating international talent complex?

    Yes, because it's f*cking complex. Think about governmental institutions like Embassies, IND, Tax authorities, Housing, Utilities, Insurances. Think about all the personal context from the person in terms of family, language, cultural differences, think communication and cultural nuances, barriers and the stress of moving abroad itself. The good news is: we got really good in this processes, and we love it. So do our clients and our candidates. If hiring international talent was easy, we wouldn't have a growing shortage to fill our tech scale with talent. Your Talent agency has a strong solid network of partners real estate, governmental institutions (IND, Belastingsdient and Embassies), Legal & Tax, transportation, Schools, daycare, Banks, and Telcom. This is our bread and butter and we do nothing else, all day everyday! On top of that, we are the only agency in the Netherlands focusing on tech scaleups and with a solid inhouse Sourcing, Recruiting and Relocating team fully available to support you and your teams.

  • What’s the risk involved when it comes to sourcing, recruiting and relocating international talent in the Netherlands?

    The biggest risk is a bad hire and a candidate that can't live up to the promise. Every candidate we present to you has gone through a YTA Approval Check which reduces risk by understanding the clients needs really well, a good well in depth kick off call which is one of our biggest differentiators, to make sure we are completely in sync with your hiring needs and the profile of the ideal candidate. We phone screen them, have video interviews and we do assessments to validate our findings before you even talk to them. We’ve learned that the main reason for someone to leave their company is due to poor onboarding. We do our best to guarantee a soft landing in the country. If you want, we can also assess and introduce you to partners and coach you on improving your onboarding process. It can happen that a talent doesn’t manage to feel at home. In order to make everyone feel welcomed and excited, we give advice on building diverse and inclusive working environments, we have a network of language schools, social and communal activities for their spouses and families.

  • Why should we source, recruit and relocate international talent with Your Talent Agency?

    With us, you have access to a global talent pool of 30 million candidates (and you don’t have to deal with the IND or the Belastingdienst). We are also transparent, fun to work with and we get things done.

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