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5 best tips on acing your next interview

You know that moment when you find the perfect job and felt the click in all of your interviews but still do not end up getting hired. We’ve all been there. It’s hard to keep hope when you’ve sent out 50+ applications and yet can’t seem to crack the code. Sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of it when you do not know. The frustration is real.

The tech industry is an exciting, upcoming area to work in and despite the shortage of tech talent in the Dutch labour market, there is also the need for ‘right’ talent. Even the best candidates are facing challenges in getting to the bottom of this. So we’ve got some insider info to shed some light.

We asked our Tech Recruiters and Sourcers for their best advice on how to get hired for candidates like you. Our experts work for the hottest emerging tech scaleups in the Netherlands and speak to a large pool of candidates per week. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Prepare and do your research

Costi: “Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Know your worth, understand the job description and the value that you bring to the company.”

Ridge: “My piece of advice to get hired – get to know the company beforehand. Do your research, this will insure you know who they are and what they do. Align your skills and strengths with the job specifications and put emphasis on the skills the organization is looking for.”

2. Show your soft side

Nadia: “Keep up the good energy and show how excited you are about the company. Your personality is as important as your experience. Or sometimes even more. I’ve seen qualified people rejected because they lacked soft skills. I’ve also seen candidates who didn’t have lots of experience, but got hired because the conversation with them was great. Motivation to learn and grow is key.”

3. Win or learn

Delano: “Be genuinely interested in the person your speaking to or sometimes you win/sometimes you learn. In recruitment, even though deals go f**k up sometimes there is always something we can learn from that process.”

4. Take it easy

Krystal: “Get your stories straight, smile and breathe! You own it.”

5. Get acquainted

Farah: “Don’t try to sell yourself. For an hour, forget that you are in the recruitment process and just enjoy the chat with the person you are talking to. Build a relationship with this person. Nice conversations always result in good outcomes – even if you don’t get hired, now you will have a new acquaintance with whom you had a great chat.”

We also had a master of Sourcing, Marcel van der Meer, come into our office recently so we also took the opportunity to ask him the same question and here’s what he had to say: “Turn on your Open to Work”. Sometimes, it just as simple as that. And don’t forget to add descriptions with on your last work experience as well..”

The best way we’d recommend you to apply these tips is to not jump right into all of it. First, notice which tips are in sync with your values and how you carry yourself. Once you’ve figured out which of these tips feel easier for you to begin with, you’ll effortlessly adapt rest of the advices to your hiring journey.

PS. These tips are universal across all industries, so do not limit yourself. The world is your oyster.

Good luck! And, stay #epic.