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5 reasons why your scaleup should become a Recognized Sponsor at the IND

5 Reasons why your scaleup should become a Recognized Sponsor at the IND 

 As Your Talent Agency, we’ve put internationalization of our clients’ companies to the forefront, helping them to scale faster, more diverse and create a global environment for their teams. When we started, in 2018, as the Destination Service Provider called ‘Your Expat Agency’. We did this with the strong believe international talent can strengthen every organization and help them to scale into the f*cking stratosphere! We see many clients who are struggling with their growth ambition, believe us, we’re in it together.  

Only 4 years later, we see a tremendous scarcity in the market, with more job openings than unemployed people, the Dutch labour market is cracking at its seams with the result that scaleups cannot grow as desired, and eventually creating a downward spiral in investments. Seems the economic tables have turned, but believe us, we will remain in this situation still for quite some time. We’re lacking people in tech and with a higher demand than its full market size, it’s too positive to say that we can gasp for some air.  

And now a positive Your Talent Agency (YTA) twist! 

The IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) is the organization of the Dutch government that implements the foreign nationals policy in the Netherlands and is herewith responsible for the assessment of the applications of all foreigners.  

For so far the official part, but what exactly will the IND sponsorship bring you? 

  1. It will give you access to the international market, outside the EU there is so much talent to be found! You will find that pink-sparkling unicorn, or we will do this for you! Being a sponsor, your cases will be handled within 2 weeks and not end up at the bottom of the pile.
  1. Finding and relocating the right person from abroad currently takes less time than ‘find and bind’ this talent in the Dutch market.
  1. International hires tend to be more loyal, especially when you onboard them in the right way. Make it a personal and a shared journey and it will be fun! YTA is the partner that supports you to preboard your new colleague and this will be completely in line with your companies onboarding strategy. This way we make sure you’ll have a happy and dedicated team member as of day one and it can hit the ground running.
  1. What about the costs? For small organizations, the IND charges only 50% of their fee, making the Return on Investment (ROI) faster than sourcing for a longer period at the local market. Do your maths.
  1. The world becomes smaller these days but bringing new cultures to your organization might seem difficult. I’m not saying you to take this lightly. But we have learned that by creating an international environment, you’ll create a more diverse and inclusive (D&I) workforce that’s willing to learn and bridge differences. As we know, a diverse and inclusive team is more successful compared to the ones that are not. You can look at our D&I Awards 2021 winners as exemplars.


Becoming a sponsor at the IND seems difficult and a lot of work. Honestly (we are not going to lie to you), there is some paperwork to be done and YTA’s team makes this process lean and quick for you, so you can focus on what you’re good at. Our team knows the steps to take to come to a positive result, and from there we can help you to hit your targets and grow your business as planned! 

Becoming an IND sponsor is difficult? Focus on what you do best and YTA will help you to scale faster!