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About us


We believe that the best way for scaleups in the Netherlands to grow steadily and generating a positive impact the economy is by relocating #epic talent from abroad and increasing the diversity and inclusion in their workforce. There’s simply not enough local talent available. 

Since 2017, we are the first agency specialised in matching #epic international talent with tech scaleups in their hyper growth phase. We’ve sourced, recruited and relocated over +1,000 professionals from over 50 companies like Just Eat Takeaway, Mobiquity, Bol.com and more and we keep on growing. 

Our Mission

To be the leading relocation agency in the Netherlands focused on the complete recruiting process for tech scaleups from A to Z so that they can get back to focusing their energies on scaling up and can set aside the stress, worries and pressure of selecting exceptional tech talent from around the world and getting their new colleagues settled smoothly in the Netherlands.


Core Values

We are the only agency with two full time in-house teams dedicated to recruitment and relocation in the Netherlands and have a strong commitment to accelerating the growth of organisation’s that are bold, do good and care about their people. 

This is why we created Your Talent Agency. This is why we go to work every day.

Be human.

We put people first. We get personal and involved. We are the agency that picks you up at the airport. Call you for your birthday. Check in with you to make sure the hire we sent you is happy and performing. We liaise between everyone and don’t mind to go the extra mile to make you feel special.

Be bold.

We get (Sh)it done. We will go beyond 9 to 5 to solve a problem that affects our clients. Experiencing red tape with the visa process?? Hiccups with onboarding? No problem. We got your back. Oh, and when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion, we’re 100% in.

Be generous

We craft long term relationships. It’s in our DNA to be rebellious, epic and spontaneous. We don’t believe in competing with our industry counterparts. But we do indeed do things that are not expected in this industry. We help other agencies achieve their goals. We make sure we always close a deal that’s win-win for everyone, even if it goes beyond our margins.

The #epic team behind Your Talent Agency

Our team is full of expertes specialized  in sourcing, recruiting and relocating exceptional international talent easily. What does it mean for your scaleup? You can benefit from faster onboarding and  keep their existing workforce and investors happy, thus meaning a smoother experience during their hypergrowth phase.

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