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Agrovision | Recruiting a complete tech team

Results: 12 hires that will build a new SaaS solution.

“Working with YTA is a party! The team knows exactly which talents AgroVision needs, who also match our organization exactly in terms of personality. The way in which YTA approaches potential candidates for us as a client is exactly the way we do it ourselves. What matters to us is that candidates get the feeling   end up in a warm bath! And YTA knows how to convey that feeling very well. In fact, we also enter into a conversation with every candidate proposed by YTA. We have now hired more than 12 new colleagues through YTA’s mediation. And to the complete satisfaction of both parties! With YTA we have also taken on the challenge of hiring a number of Developers from South Africa. And that in a Covid situation. Very exciting for both them and us, but also the team of YTA. But it more than worked out well, even if we were a bit skeptical at first. We have been able to add 6 very good and also very nice Developers to our Innovations team. And the guidance from YTA in this process was great! There is a lot involved in bringing people from other countries to the Netherlands, but as an employer you can be completely unburdened by YTA. And they did a great job for us. So once again the conclusion, working with YTA is really a party!”

Sandra Teelen | Senior HR Business Partrner


AgroVision (one of Europe’s biggest agricultural software developers) was getting ready to build a new SaaS solution. There was only one thing left to do first. They would need to hire a complete tech team. This is where we came in. One thing we know well is how to deliver solid candidates quickly: The time that you could stay in growth mode without hiring international candidates is long behind us. Even when that seems like the path of least resistance. We assured the hiring team that it doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, once you do decide to opt for international recruitment. Here’s why: we can do the heavy lifting. Before you know it, you’re back to simply focusing on your team’s SaaS solution and your company’s global impact.


A company that is growing worldwide requires international team members. Thanks to their new and diverse team, AgroVision was able to take their business to the next level. How? With 12 candidates, all screened, selected, and placed by us.

We made it official by taking care of the paperwork for AgroVision to become a recognized sponsor at the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service).

We helped international candidates with their relocation process.