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Best Kept Secret to Hiring: Developing a Compelling Outreach  

Do you want to optimize your talent acquisition strategy and make the process more efficient? Outsourcing may be the right solution for your business. Discover how to implement this recruitment solution as a strategic initiative with the express purpose of filling recruitment gaps in your business.


Building Your Bottom Line

Generally, recruitment agencies have two methods of approaching the market: the “traditional” method of candidate sourcing and the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) or on-demand recruiting.  To ease the hiring process and make it more efficient, RPO provides a feasible and cost-effective alternative to traditional recruiting. Using this workforce solution, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and ace the hiring process. 


The New Age of Talent Acquisition: RPO

Many companies are now struggling to attract and retain fresh talent; however, in recent years the candidate selection process has changed considerably. Because time, resources, and available budget are lean, many turn to outsourcing for help.  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (or RPO) is a temporary people-process-technology solution that not only aims to fill vacant positions in a company but also examines turnover rates, scalability, and how long it takes to fill a vacancy.  

Unlike traditional staffing agencies, RPO providers do not charge a percentage of the new hire’s salary. Rather, they charge by the project and specific recruitment needs. Consequently, with a RPO provider,you can control and predict your costs. First, you might need to understand your total recruitment cost and check your budget to get a realistic view of your Revenue Over Investment. 


The Practice of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a temporary process that usually begins with a consultation call that allows RPO providers to understand the company’s core identity and see how they could develop a staffing plan tailored to your hiring goals. Once the RPO providers develop a true staffing solution, the sourcing, assessment, and selection processes are carried out to curate a list of best matches.  

Using the most up-to-date recruitment technology, such as talent analytics, the RPO providers can quickly push candidates through the funnel and allow the hiring manager to only interview a handful of vetted potential hires. Do you think that once the RPO providers find the best-fit candidates for the vacant positions, the partnership ends? It is not necessarily the end of the road. RPO can be used as long as needed because it can help companies with long-term hiring strategies.  


The Competitive Advantages of Outsourcing

The right outsourcing implementation can provide in-house expertise to fully optimize the candidate experience for businesses. Besides exempting companies from bureaucratic aspects of recruiting staff, RPO offers a series of benefits that can enhance the talent acquisition process: 

  • Decreased Hiring Costs: RPO’s scalability often results in hard and soft cost reductions. 
  • Simplified Application Processes: RPO providers employ an ATS technology (Applicant Tracking System), which usually enhances the communication process between employers and potential candidates. 
  • Shorter Time-to-Fill and Increased Quality of Hire: RPO providers assist companies in identifying obstacles and finding the best hires that align with the company’s values, goals, and office culture.  


What are you waiting for?

Because at Your Talent Agency we increasingly use out-of-the-box techniques for recruitment, we are always making use of emerging technologies to identify the pain points businesses need to address to scale. Leave the “grunt work” to YTA and focus on tasks that have the greatest impact on business results. 


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