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Bureau Zwart Wit and Your Expat Agency join forces to become ‘Your Talent Agency’

Haarlem, March 12, 2021 – Recruitment agency Bureau Zwart Wit and relocation services agency Your Expat Agency will continue together as Your Talent Agency as of today. In this form, the company takes both recruitment and relocation services out of the hands of scale-ups and corporates and emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Recently, the organization achieved successes including closing important partnerships and bringing in Recharge, Aidence and Otrium. With a combined turnover growth of 300% over 2020 and a team expansion from four to fifteen employees, the offices are being merged today. This makes Your Talent Agency the go-to partner for international tech recruitment and relocation and it is able to facilitate faster growth of Dutch tech start-ups, scale-ups, corporates and (international) talent. The name change and rebranding ensure international recognition and serve as the starting signal for the development of a full-service service within the talent domain.

Diversity and inclusion

The organization, founded by Sacha Martina and Judith Roetgering, is committed to diversity and inclusivity. Instead of men in suits, women in sneakers and a diverse team from different backgrounds. Founder and CEO Sacha Martina is also a partner of ‘The Next Women’, a global community that is committed to ambitious women. For this platform, in collaboration with ‘Working Wonders’, she recently participated in the talk ‘A true ally’, where she and Constantine van Oranje-Nassau (Envoy, & Co-Founder, StartupFestEurope) and Geke Rosier (Founder, Rightbrains) was a guest to speak about the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

Sacha Martina during the broadcast of Working Wonder’s A True Alley. From left to right: Geke Rosier, Sacha Martina, Rixt Herklots and Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau: “By embracing diversity and inclusivity, you create better teams. Diversity is generally synonymous with better, more creative and more innovative. But the real challenge comes in creating a safe environment. And Your Talent Agency does that excellently. By paying attention to talent and organization, and taking into account where they come from, they ensure that everyone feels safe.”

Boundless success

The go-ahead of Your Talent Agency marks an important step in propagating the vision of founders Sacha Martina and Judith Roetgering on international tech recruitment. The mission of Your Talent Agency is based on the belief that every talent deserves a chance for limitless and epic success. Your Talent Agency offers both the talent and the organization the right support from the start. This starts with the search for the right (international) candidate, the relocation of the talent and setting up integration programs for the professionals.

“A diverse team is a more successful team. We challenge clients to be curious and to think beyond national borders when looking for a new candidate”, says Sacha Martina, CEO of Your Talent Agency. “Because only by making optimal use of the talent available worldwide, a company is able to scale up quickly. And it is up to us to show that this can be done without any problems.” “We go far when it comes to onboarding our talents. A personal welcome at Schiphol, a ‘Welcome Home’ card on the doormat or a cake on their first working day. It is the first impression that has the most impact and it should always be a good one,” says Judith Roetgering, CFO of Your Talent Agency. “We always strive for the highest attainable goal and always put the people in question first. We make sure that they feel welcome and supported from the very first moment during one of the most exciting, but also most beautiful experiences of their lives”.

About Your Talent Agency

Your Talent Agency is the go-to specialist for integrated services for international tech recruitment and relocation. The partner for unlimited success finds rare professionals who are difficult to find in the Netherlands and offers international talent the coolest job, a great relocation and seamless preboarding with Dutch clients. Founded by women in a man’s world, the agency is a figurehead for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.