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We make your relocation adventure get’s a smooth landing.

How we work with expats

We support you in every step of your relocation, making sure you’ll have a smooth landing in the Netherlands and start in your new job. After all, moving abroad is exciting enough, but don’t you worry, this is our expertise. To offer you a smooth landing, we are involved from the moment you have signed your contract, until the moment you are settled into the next chapter of your life. Our dedicated Relocation Consultant is your to-go-to person during your complete relocation.

Step-by-step proces

Every relocation is unique, that’s why we love what we do and do what we love.

1. We connect you with your personal Relocation Consultant

2. You get access our online relocation portal

3. Together we gather all necessary paperwork for immigration

4. We arrange your travel to the Netherlands

5. We find you a new home, school, insurance, and so much more

6. We make sure the onboarding comes along smoothly

7. We stay available for any questions even after the relocation

Core Expat Values

Your Talent Agency challenges you to push your limits and create the best version of yourself.

People First

Your Talent Agency got rated 8.4 in 2020 by expats for the services provided. We will improve this grade to a 9.2 in 2021. Every expat has a dedicated relocation consultant who supports you with every single step in your relocation adventure. Personal contact is our #1 priority.

Get (Sh)it done

Your talent Agency will cut through the complexity of immigration procedures for you. No matter the challenge we always find a solution. Even during the pandemic, we managed to get all our expats to the Netherlands safely.


We’re there for you, 24/7 and every step of the way. We make sure you have a warm welcome at the airport, even at night or in the weekend. The first face you’ll see when passing the sliding doors at the airport is your Relocation Consultant.

2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us and relocating to a new country during that time was a daunting task but to my surprise, it was a wonderful and smooth experience, thanks to Your Expat Agency. From day one itself, Your Talent Agency (YTA) has been a true companion during that transition period. All the legal documentation processes and technicalities were handled by YTA’s expert team and also most importantly, they helped me a lot in finding a wonderful accommodation. Special thanks to Jessica and Zoë for the house hunting. Bedankt voor jouw hulp🙂” 

Kamalendu Biswas | Data Engineer 

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