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flatexDEGIRO achieves ambitious growth targets with Your Talent Agency

Your Talent Agency takes over the entire relocation process of international employees from flatexDEGIRO to the Netherlands.

Haarlem, March 8, 2022flatexDEGIRO, a European online broker, chooses Your Talent Agency, a specialist in sourcing, recruitment and relocation of tech talent, to realize its own growth objectives.

The past year was all about scaling up for flatexDEGIRO. At the same time, the shortage on the Dutch labor market increased. The company has therefore made the strategic choice to attract more international talent in order to achieve its growth objectives.

Increasing popularity of online investing

The acquisition of DEGIRO by the German flatex has accelerated the growth ambitions. The company now has more than 2 million customer accounts in 18 different countries, making it the largest retail online broker in Europe. The aim is to become a financial heavyweight in Europe by 2026, with 7 to 8 million customers and at least 250 to 350 million transactions per year.

In addition, the popularity of online investing has risen sharply during the corona pandemic. Almost 2 million households are now investing in the Netherlands. According to the AFM, at the end of 2021, compared to 2020, an app was used more often to carry out transactions. Young people and starting investors in particular often use these.

Tight labor market

But the demand for IT professionals has also increased sharply in 2021. It seems that this trend will continue in 2022. flatexDEGIRO has realized that the ambitious growth targets will be difficult to achieve if it continues to focus solely on the Dutch labor market. However, the own HR organization has its hands full with onboarding new employees and day-to-day HR activities. That is why it was decided to look for a suitable external partner with knowledge of the international labor market.

After a number of intensive strategic sessions, the choice was made for Your Talent Agency in December 2021. They will take care of the relocations of the international employees of flatexDEGIRO to the Netherlands.

Full relocation process

Relocation and immigration is a complicated and complex process for many scale-ups, but it is important to achieve the growth objectives. flatexDEGIRO puts the entire relocation process in the hands of Your Talent Agency. From the moment the employment contract between flatexDEGIRO and the candidate is signed, Your Talent Agency takes over the entire relocation process.

The unique approach of a single point of contact for both client and candidate makes the process simple and transparent. A user-friendly cloud-based platform makes the entire process transparent for all parties involved. Your Talent Agency thus proves to be a future-proof partner for scale-ups in the Netherlands.

”Your Talent Agency ensures that everything is arranged in detail for new colleagues from abroad. The contact is very personal, fast and they have a can-do mentality,” says Anne Homan, HR Officer at flatexDEGIRO.

“With this collaboration, flatexDEGIRO can focus on their growth strategy. Future employees are completely unburdened by Your Talent Agency and can thus quickly start working for flatexDEGIRO”, says Sacha Martina, CEO at Your Talent Agency.

About flatexDEGIRO

flatexDEGIRO AG operates a leading and fastest growing online brokerage platform in Europe. Based on modern, in-house state-of-the-art technology, customers of the flatex and DEGIRO brands are offered a wide range of independent products with execution at top TIER 1 fairs. Thanks to its technological lead, high efficiency and strong economies of scale, flatexDEGIRO can continuously improve its value proposition to clients, including commission-free investing.

With over 2 million client accounts and over 90 million settled securities transactions in 2021, flatexDEGIRO is the largest retail online broker in Europe. At a time of bank consolidation, low interest rates and digitalisation, flatexDEGIRO is ideally positioned for further growth. Within the next five years, flatexDEGIRO aims to expand its customer base to 7-8 million customer accounts, completing 250-350 million transactions per year – even in low volatility years.

About Your Talent Agency

Your Talent Agency is an ambitious company from Haarlem with a growing portfolio of scale-ups. The company works with Foodics, Securify, NEP Media Solutions and BOTS, among others. In addition, they have carried out projects for Just Eat Takeaway and Otrium in the past. With the current shortage on the labor market, Your Talent Agency challenges scale-ups to think without boundaries in their recruitment processes. It offers support in sourcing, recruitment and relocation. This unique combination ensures that they can help scale-ups quickly and carefree with finding, retaining and onboarding international talent. Since its inception in 2019, Your Talent Agency has successfully placed more than 500 people from over 40 different countries.