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How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Can Boost Talent Acquisition Efficiency

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Can Boost Talent Acquisition Efficiency

If there were one word to describe early-stage startups, it would be “constrained”. Obstacles such as insufficient financial resources, manpower, or infrastructure, can often lead ambitious entrepreneurs to place hiring as a secondary business priority. “At what cost?” you may ask. The startup won’t last. Avoid that pitfall by choosing to outsource recruitment and surround yourself with people that exhibit the most talent and drive.

Your Problem Becomes Our Solution: RPO Recruitment

“Can I focus on my business growth even if I don’t directly supervise the hiring process?” Yes, absolutely! Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a strategic solution that undertakes all the recruitment processes on behalf of you and your business, becoming an extension of it.

In the early stages, every hire is crucial and risks of mis-hiring or not achieving strategic milestones, need to be kept to the minimum. With the recruitment process in the capable hands of Recruitment Business Partner(s) for a period of 3 to 12 months, you and your key stakeholders can tap into the benefits of a customized hiring process that considers and aligns with vital components of the business.

Choose Your Model

While RPO partners can take care of the end-to-end recruitment process, entrepreneur founders have the ultimate decision-making power regarding the extent to which a third party takes full control.

  1. Handing Over the Reins: Under the full RPO arrangement, Recruitment Business Partner(s) advises and executes. From sourcing to onboarding, the Recruitment Business Partner(s) handles every element of the complete recruiting cycle.
  2. Sharing Accountability: With a partial cycle RPO arrangement, Recruitment Business Partner(s) blends seamlessly with existing talent acquisition teams for optimal recruitment.
  3. One-Time Alliance: In this short-term arrangement, Recruitment Business Partner(s) works independently on a project-based model to achieve targeted hiring goals within a set timeframe.

Rewards Await Those Daring Enough

At first glance, the primary advantage of using an RPO solution is the relief it provides from bringing in new faces to complete your team. While this statement is not far from the truth, an RPO solution offers much more than just that.

  1. Small Savings Adding Up to Big Money: By embracing a quality-driven, people-centric approach, RPO providers prevent bad hiring and save money on expenses such as advertising fees, job board subscriptions, screening tools, background checks, and interviewing.
  2. Full House in the Blink of an Eye: Full commitment to building a well-oiled recruitment solution that can reduce time to hire, leads RPO providers to often take the reins from understaffed, overwhelmed talent acquisition teams and establish a structured hiring process.
  3. The Very Best of the Best: Because RPO partners adopt a proactive approach to identifying and securing suitable candidates, they use various sourcing techniques, including candidate referrals, social media, and online job boards. By focusing on multiple sourcing channels, they lay the foundation for long-term growth, allowing startups and scaleups to build a strong talent pipeline for future needs.
  4. Closely Monitored Process: Being external to the company, RPO partners have more time to build genuine connections with current leads and prospects. From the initial call to the onboarding day, they take on the full pre-boarding and communication takes center stage to enhance transparency with applicants and establish trust and credibility between all parties.
  5. Always in the Spotlight: Since RPO providers are, partially, working from the clients’ office, they interact directly with the founder(s) and the talent acquisition team, they can act as brand ambassadors throughout the recruitment process and assist startups in tightening up their public image.

Expert Perspectives on RPO

In the face of an uncertain economy and a notable skills gap within the country, many established businesses have adopted a prudent stance and focused instead on upskilling existing staff. But is this the path early-stage startups should pursue?

Kristina Julm, Recruitment Business Partner at Your Talent Agency advocates in favor of an RPO model for recruiting and declares, “Outsourced recruitment solutions can be a gamechanger when it comes to reducing the cost-per-hire and standardizing the hiring process for companies of any size. Because I manage the entire recruiting process on behalf of clients, including writing job descriptions, sourcing various channels, screening before official interviews, or keeping the client updated, I can always identify and fix pain points. With time, I’ve noticed that customized recruitment strategies pay off for the clients. They can reduce unconscious bias in the workplace, improve candidate retention, and not to mention showcase an employee value proposition that continuously attracts the best external talent.”

Level Up Your Workforce

Streamline your hiring and tap into the wealth of expertise brought by Recruitment Business Partners to scale your talent acquisition efforts. At Your Talent Agency, we manage every aspect of the hiring process, from sourcing and screening to candidate selection and onboarding.

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