Your Talent Agency sources, recruits, and relocates international tech talent so your teams hit their milestones, your investors stay happy, and you blast your company into the f*cking stratosphere.

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How the Eff do we scale this fast?

The answer is less complicated than you think.

1. S.E.F or Scale Effing Fast

The equation is simple. On the global IT labor market, there are 100x the number of candidates than in the Netherlands. When you see the numbers, hiring expats becomes a no brainer. As it turns out, size does matter when it comes to talent pools. Imagine having all that talent within arms reach, and just how much faster they will get you to where you need to go.

2. Diversity & Inclusivity are part of the deal

You know this one is important. Do we really have to tell you that these topics matter more than ever? Studies have proven that diverse teams are 30% more successful, too. Don’t you want to be 30% more successful?

3. Venture Capital is one step closer

Venture capitalists are hungry for diverse scaleups to invest in. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be on their radar. It’s a valuable path to securing your success for the long-term, so we thought we’d spell this one for you, too. Here you go: #VC$.

4. Relocating talent doesn’t need to feel scary

Many HR managers visibly cringe when they hear the word “relocation”. We can’t tell you how often we’ve reassured them, only to see the cringe-factor turn into a smile once our work is done. Yes, there are risks. Yes, it takes a few extra steps. But also, you can hire an agency to do the heavy lifting for you. Let’s be honest here. Can you afford NOT scaling faster? You can read our step-by-step plan to learn how to do this all yourself ASAP.

Need help?

Excited to lead your team through the hiring journey that will allow you to scale effing fast? Maybe you want a little support? As an integrated partner, we’ll put our relocation brains to work. Reach out to learn more about how to plug us into your hiring efforts today.