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How to Showcase Your Employer Brand in Job Adverts

How to Showcase Your Employer Brand in Job Adverts

For most job seekers, the hiring journey begins at the initial point of contact with the company of choice. The first impression a business gives off from the applicant’s perspective can ‘make or break’ an employer’s chances of coming out as a winner in the job hiring process. In this circumstance, it is crucial for HR professionals to take external communications seriously and create recruitment messages that not only speak to what they want from prospective candidates but also what they could offer.

Creating a Distinctive Employer Identity for Winning Talent

Talent is scarce everywhere. To win the war for talent and gain a competitive advantage, organizations would be well advised to develop a broad, well-defined employment offer that showcases their sustainable brand value. The organization’s reason for existence, current goals, and guiding principles are some of the most discernible components of the corporate brand that employers must consider seriously in order to present a consistent face to the world. By exploiting the intangible elements of what is referred to as ‘employer brand,’ companies can brand themselves as an employer of choice and thus, be able to connect with top talent.

Essential Ingredients to Boost Employer Brand in Job Adverts

To write a job ad that attracts your dream hire and promotes the company culture, there is an urgent need to mention three aspects that make up an organization’s employer brand:

  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP): What does the organization stand for and why are the employees motivated to work there?
  • Career Progression Plans: How does the organization help employees acquire new skills and become more valuable in the labor market?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Employer Brand Identity: How can the organization’s aspirational reasons for existing align with employees’ desire to improve local and global society?

Defending Your Employer Brand with Proof

To capture a candidate’s attention, organizations can start presenting their employer brand long before a candidate even reads the job advert through personalized pre-application content.

  • Community Stories: Endorsements from a current employee help applicants envision themselves working for the organization, learn more about the team and showcase the company’s culture.
  • Content About the Application Process: Insight into the candidate journey allows organizations to position themselves as an employer that truly cares about their candidates’ success, which can help paint the organization in a positive light.
  • Career Pages: Serving as an informative content hub, career pages are a platform to share direct, honest insight into company/workplace culture and day-to-day activities. It is an invaluable contact point, articulating everything a candidate wants to know when considering employment.

How to Improve Your Job Postings

Recruiters can copy-paste the same, long and boring job descriptions but to enhance the brand of a business, they need to jazz up the post, humanize the brand, and put their focus on personality and emotions. To get more attention on job ads, a series of changes can be made to create a real impact on the response to recruitment campaigns.

  • Present the hiring process to ensure recruitment transparency and show the criteria used to assess candidates.
  • Include salary details to establish trust in pay practices and promote a sense of equality and fairness.
  • Make it interesting with visual resources that communicate information about the role and create a positive employee experience.
  • Optimize the SEO of the job ads to words and phrases prospective candidates would be searching for.

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