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Instruqt I Moving forward one sandbox at a time

Instruqt I Moving Forward One Sandbox at a Time

At Your Talent Agency, putting people first translates into everything we do, especially with the clients we choose to partner. Companies that share our people-first DNA, have epic work cultures, and see their people as a strategic driver behind their success, are our people.

We formulate and implement talent acquisition and retention strategies that reflect our client’s culture and sustainable people growth aspirations. Our main concern is to scale our clients responsibly with their resource needs and provide international relocation services to the Netherlands.


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The #1 Virtual It Lab for Product Growth

INSTRUQT was founded in 2018 at HashiConf. The online learning platform offers a seamless way for software companies to create interactive demos, workshops, and training that mirror real product experiences. Now with over 2,000+ active content creators and 1 million+ engaged prospects and learners, INSTRUQT is helping leading SaaS companies, such as RedHat, MongoDB, Datadog, or HashiCorp to reduce cost through faster customer onboarding, and accelerate revenue growth with an increased pipeline.

To support INSTRUQT with its rapid development, Your Talent Agency has provided professional recruitment expertise in one of the key areas of our service – outsourcing or ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing’ (RPO).

What Our Customer Says

“It is a pleasure to work with Your Talent Agency. The RPO partnership has delivered exceptional international and local, diverse talent into our business and for a scaling operation, the RPO option makes excellent financial sense in these economically uncertain times.  Your Talent Agency understands our culture and fit, has a fast turnaround time, and successfully continues to meet our scaling demands. We look forward to ongoing success in our partnership, as INSTRUQT grows from strength to strength.”

Coert Baart – CEO & Co-founder of INSTRUQT

Customer Challenge

Building a Diverse International Team 

INSTRUQT went from a planted seed to a rapidly growing beanstalk that was on a mission to find its own identity, define its own culture and develop an employer brand that attracted top talent. At the beginning of 2022 when the tech talent shortage in the Netherlands was at all-time high and local talent salary bands were unrealistically through the roof, Your Talent Agency stepped in to support INSTRUQT to find diverse top tech talent from all over the world.


Recruitment Strategy: Customized Shoulder-To-Shoulder Approach

We joined the INSTRUQT team as an outsourced recruitment business partner, that focused specifically on responsibly and consistently building out the engineering and product team so INSTRUQT could continue to meet the demands of its growing customer base. From formalizing a structured talent acquisition process and way of work, managing their ATS system, and providing valuable insight into market data to enable informed decision-making throughout their hiring process. This support has led to a well-oiled partnership that continues to provide top tech, product and commercial talent to the business.


We Developed a Winning Team for a Growing Startup 

Overall, we have attracted and hired top-tier talent throughout all levels of the business to C-suite. Your Talent Agency has placed over 12 candidates in the last 12 months, allowing INSTRUQT to responsibly onboard 1 new employee every month. In terms of external recruitment, our agency recruited and attracted:

  • 1 x Head of Product;
  • 1 x Product Owner;
  • 1 x Product Designer;
  • 3 x Full Stack developers;
  • 5 x Front-end developers.

This proactive support has led to a well-oiled partnership that continues to provide top tech, product, and commercial talent to the business.  Check out our website Your Talent Agency for INSTRUQT’s latest vacancies.

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