Engineering Manager, Billing & Provisioning (South America)

Sketch is a design platform with an award-winning native Mac app and browser-based collaboration tools. Over a million people use our product to create their best work. And right now, we’re looking for an Engineering Manager to join us.

We work with empowered product teams that truly own what they do — delivering new features and improving the technology foundations of our platform. As an Engineering Manager, you’ll lead a team of developers (frontend, backend and Mac development) and QA analysts, where everyone is responsible for the quality of their work. Most of our teams (including Billing & Provisioning) also include a Product Manager and Designers. This team's developers and QA analysts will report directly to you.

This position is within the Billing & Provisioning team. This team is responsible for our subscriptions billing and also for building the onboarding flows and the tools that allows us to give a better service to our enterprise customers, partners, education, etc.. This involves technology and product which is public to our customers and also internal tooling designed for our customer-facing teams.

About you

You are a systems thinker. You keep a high-level view of all the parts involved in delivering a project: the tech stack, the people, the projects, dependencies, trade-offs. You can envision the roadmap for the team, foresee the unknowns and prepare the strategy to reach our goals. You encourage collaboration and understanding between all parts involved: product management, designers, engineers and other teams.

You value your team above all, knowing that giving them space for growth, autonomy and ownership will bring the best of us all, contributing to a successful product. You care about their needs and foster an environment of psychological safety.

You enjoy making the customers' life easier. You understand the needs of enterprise customers and your colleagues through better internal tools.

As the Engineering Manager of this team, your main goal will be to guarantee that the technical quality of the team is the highest possible. You'll achieve this by co-maintaining the team's roadmap with the Product Manager putting special emphasis on technical quality. You'll work with the engineers to ensure the right technical decisions are made. Together with QA you will discover and implement the right quality processes for your team's deliverables.

You are a people manager and you are not expected to have a low-level technical knowledge on any technology or to be hands-on coding but we expect you to have a technical background that allows you to help your team to connect the technical pieces of our products. You have a good understanding of modern technologies.

You will lead by example, be a mentor, and inspire your reports and peers. You will monitor development speed and find the right balance with quality. You will also coach and track the performance of your team’s developers and QA analysts.

Essentials for the Job

  • Broad technical skills and solid knowledge about software development best practices and life cycles.
  • Experience working on billing projects, building products for enterprise customers, and working together with Product and Operations teams. Experience working with subscriptions services like Stripe, Recurly, etc.. is a plus.
  • Ability to design technical architectures that bring together different technologies in the backend, frontend, desktop, etc..
  • Experience delivering and supporting complex software products.
  • Hands-on management skills. You have also experience and passion for coaching and helping your teams to grow professionally in a remote environment.
  • Excellent communication skills and a good written and spoken English
  • Based in GMT-3 (mid/east South America) timezone.

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Engineering Manager, Billing & Provisioning (South America)

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