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Just Eat Takeaway | Scaling up with Relocation

Results: 100+ relocations to the Netherlands (and counting…)

“Your Talent Agency is making our lives easier, knowing that our candidates are in good hands when relocating to the Netherlands. We have been able to focus on scaling rapidly with the right people without restrictions on where our employees are coming from. Your Talent Agency relocates people from all over the world and they are a joy to work with!”

Paul Beets | Head of Tech Recruitment and Projects
Just Eat Take Away    


Yum! Guess we’re not the only ones who enjoy takeout meals now and then. This food delivery marketplace was rapidly expanding, with over half of the company’s new hires coming from abroad. Their HR department was having trouble keeping up with the corresponding demands.
We stepped up to help the company, that has Dutch roots:

When there’s not one specific person responsible for the complexity of hiring expats, challenges are inevitable. We were willing to start new relocations for them, as well as complete those where they’d felt hindered by paperwork and overwhelm.

We implemented efficient processes to allow for successful new hires from abroad. That included an internal survey to better understand gaps to meet employees’ expectations. A couple of months before our official project, we got a head start and decided to dive in. This allowed us to help get the team ahead of the game and on track for their new calendar year.


There are multiple paths to streamlining a process, even one as complex as international relocation. We proceeded with a multi-pronged strategy to open the door for quality EU and non-EU candidates. Then, we celebrated with some delicious takeout.

How did we do it? We started by finalizing the ten partial relocations where the internal team had gotten stuck halfway. We built a dedicated online portal that is both one centralized place for the hiring team to access as well as GDPR-approved. We customized two separate relocation packages. Our “Must-Have Package” includes visa support and other mandatory elements. The second is our “Nice-to-Have Package”, which caters to C- and D-level executives, as well as families, relocating together. Here, we offer everything from airport pickups to support in searching for local schools.