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Lepaya | Linking Talent to Business Goals

At Your Talent Agency, our success hinges on the ability to source, recruit, and relocate top talent. That’s why we choose to bet on people and not on strategies. We put candidates at the centre of the business so that we can create a harmonious and sustainable interaction between all parties involved.

We are here to make your employees’ relocation experience a good one! Moving abroad isn’t as easy as it might sound at first when you consider all the paperwork, planning, and the act of packing and making that flight. We know the struggle. That’s why we offer to be your trusted partner that will provide guidance and support to your employees throughout every step of their journey.

About Lepaya

A Disruptor in the Training Market Lepaya Logo

Lepaya is an L&D Technology and Power Skill training provider founded in 2018 by René Janssen and Peter Kuperus with a vision to connect people’s potential to business impact. As a prominent player in the educational technology market, Lepaya responds to the needs of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies. Every year, thousands of professionals receive training by combining hard and soft skills offered as Power Skills through a mastery-based learning platform.

To support Lepaya in its mission to grow its workforce and create performance that matters, Your Talent Agency reassessed the company’s approach to their global talent pools. Our team guided prospective employees through immigration processes, handled tax matters, and facilitated a soft landing to the Netherlands.

What Our Customer Says

“Your Talent Agency has continuously been showing support toward our goal of attracting the best talent worldwide. Since the start of our partnership in November 2022, the company made sure our international talents’ relocation and immigration processes go smoothly. With a collaborative working style and effective communication, Your Talent Agency ensures that the process runs successfully both for our company and for our new talents. When asked about the overall candidate experience, one of our recent employees mentioned ‘I had a fantastic experience! Your Talent Agency’s team of Relocation Specialists provided plenty of helpful guidance and information. They have even assisted me throughout the house search process. I would give them a perfect 10/10 rating.’” 

Customer Challenge

Simplifying Employee Relocation Abroad

The tension in the Dutch labour market has increased sharply. For many industries, it has become incredibly hard to find enough talent. The only way to cover the emerging gap between vacancies and available workforce is to acquire and internationally deploy talent. As a L&D Technology and Power Skill training provider, Lepaya had to fill their recruiting funnel with candidates who were looking to move and handle international employee relocation.


Weekly Relocation Check-Up Journal

Just like with every other client, our team of Relocation Specialists scheduled out some time each and every day to complete the “battle plan”. After numerous phone calls and video meetings, we made sure that Lepaya’s Talent Team was fully informed about the relocation process and how our pre-boarding procedures can seamlessly connect with their internal onboarding. Not only this, but Your Talent Agency also acted as a liaison between candidates and the company, keeping both parties updated on the overall status of the process through an online platform.


Binding International Talent to the Netherlands

In the last 6 months only, Your Talent Agency was able to help 17 candidates throughout the entire immigration process and 30% ruling applications. Because we approach everything with a personal touch, our support extended beyond employees alone. We assisted their spouses or partners in joining them, ensuring they could start a new life together. Our goal is to ensure that expats were well-settled in their new homes. For this reason, our team of Relocation Specialists accompanied expats to initial registration in the Netherlands, housing searching and viewings, or even bank appointments. Were we successful in all cases? Yes. Although the housing market is still tight, our good relations with local Dutch realtors helped us secure the best homes for Lepaya’s new talent.

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