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Otrium | Scale-up quick and easy

Results: 20 visa applications, 7 onboardings.


Otrium is a one-stop-shop for hundreds of designer outlets. This Dutch scaleup knows customers are excited about their online fashion outlet and has the ambitions to match. With aspirations to go international, they’ve focused on a diverse team from the get-go. Though, as they soon found out, you have to be up for the challenge of hiring expats. Thankfully, we knew what we were doing.

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service appeared to be an obstacle for Otrium. Potential hires ready to start working were blocked from entering the country. Otrium hadn’t developed the expertise to become a recognized sponsor for their expat hires. It took months of frustration for the team to get nowhere. The government kept rejecting their requests.


When we see a young company with big ambitions, we want to help. Unlike some of our clients, Otrium didn’t need any convincing that international hires offer a more diverse and wider talent pool. Now, all we needed to do was guide them into that vision.

How? We have worked with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service for years. We succeeded in making Otrium a recognized sponsor after all. With
our network and persistence, it took us four days. Meanwhile, we saved them many hours, days, and weeks of headaches. For the seven expat hires waiting to get started, we completed their relocation process right away. We helped them navigate their contracts and salary criteria, too. We have continued to partner with Otrium as their growth expands. We also guide them through the 30% tax ruling for international new hires, which is a benefit for expat candidates.