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Ordina | Recruiting for a new Cloud Division

Results: 5 new hires and 5 relocations to the Netherlands.


Ordina is the largest IT service provider in the Benelux. They pride themselves on helping customers stay ahead of changes in their business. It’s no wonder they’re on the verge of expanding into DevOps and Cloud. There’s a caveat, though. If you’re not yet known as a Cloud expert, external recruitment won’t always come easily. We knew what to do and helped Ordina in addressing their challenge:

We walked the client through our current reality as recruitment professionals. Challenges often come with particular answers. In this case, you find the answer in an innovative look at the dynamics of a Cloud/DevOps division. How? By keeping an open mind when it comes to diversity and the globalized workforce. What that looks like broadening the candidate’s profile. Ultimately, speaking Dutch is not a requirement within a team that also understands English.

Why? The Dutch market is small, and fortunately there are plenty of quality expat candidates. Soon enough, we presented Ordina with their first non-Dutch speaking candidate. In his field it’s of little importance. Fluency in programming languages is far more meaningful.


Recruiters are often compared to matchmakers. The comparison makes sense if you consider the concept of finding the right fit between two parties. This was definitely one of those cases. We weren’t just conducting our search on behalf of Ordina, we were also introducing the company to candidates as potential employer. We were able to share with them the opportunities for growth in their future as well as the possibility of making an impact on a new team right away.

How? It started with one non-Dutch speaking candidate. Four additional expats followed. The objective is now to turn those five new hires into
fifteen. While we were finding, screening, and placing candidates, Ordina grew increasingly curious about hiring diverse teams. Various divisions within the
company have already approached us requesting more expats. Our international Azure DevOps and AWS Cloud specialists might have never considered Ordina as a possible employer if it wasn’t for us working our agency magic.