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Capgemini | Recruiting International Java Developers

Results: 20 new hires and 18 relocations to the Netherlands.

“Scaling up with international candidates sounded complicated when we started conversations with Your Talent Agency back in 2018. But the team made it easy and we managed to hire so many qualified senior IT professionals ever since. With the Dutch language program and amazing relocation services they offer, most recruited candidates are still working with Capgemini!”

Desiree Fraser & Tineke Soellaart | Division Managers


Capgemini is a global leader in the world of consulting and technology. So, if you’re known worldwide for innovation, it’s not a surprise when you suddenly have to hire up to twenty smart and educated Java Developers. But that’s a big ask, nonetheless, especially when you only have six months to get it done. We showed up at the right time:

  • The moment was obviously there to hire specialists. That said, we figured out that the real search was for skills first and experience second. Senior Technology Recruiters know how to
    reframe searches in order to find the right fit.
  • We sat down with our client to get a clear understanding of where we could be more flexible. We’d never sacrifice quality.
  • But what if, for instance, we were no longer bound to a particular location (when looking for candidates)?
  • Outside of the Netherlands, as usual, we discovered a huge pool of candidates. By thinking outside the box, you get to a solution more quickly. And we like to think in terms of solutions.


When you’re ready to scale, it’s pretty convenient to avoid language barriers. Thanks to a team that was able to communicate with ease, the market leader Capgemini remained one step ahead of competitors.

  • How? With 20 candidates, all identified, screened, and placed by us. 18 of them are expats, and our sister company Your Talent Agency organized each of those relocations.
  • We even took care of a Dutch language course: every expat received three weeks of private lessons. These took place eight weeks ahead of their departure to the Netherlands.
  • A few of the candidates have already been promoted within their teams.