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You can’t do epic sh*t, without epic people

How we Recruit

With a global reach of 30+ million IT professionals, we deliver those candidates you need to scale-up your tech organization. And we do the hard work for you by sourcing, selecting, and relocating only the best people. Always personal, as it should be!

Recruitment Services

Our Recruitment Process

  1. After we fall in love, we help you chose the recruitment service that fits your needs 
  2. We meet your teamdo a deep dive, and kick-off together 
  3. We attract, select and introduce high quality candidates 

People First

Your Talent Agency has been a long-term partner to loyal clients. We are extremely proud of getting 88% of our introduced candidates invited for a job interview. Every client gets a dedicated recruitment consultant, who is just one phone call away. 

Get (Sh)it Done

We have proven to be successful in scaling up entire tech teams in the Netherlands. With a global reach of 30+ million IT professionals, Your Talent Agency engages 100x more professionals than any other local agency.


Your Talent Agency was founded by two women on sneakers in a man’s world. No suits, but a dynamic team from different countries and cultures. Diverse and inclusive, as it should be.

My experience as a candidate with Your Talent Agency and with my recruiter Delano Engelhart was a positive one. He is efficient, positive and has a no-nonsense attitude in which I as a candidate feel empowered to focus on my strengths. It was the perfect way for me to start my job at my new employer!

Flavio Gomes Silva | Data Engineer
the Netherlands

What other people say about us

I was informed about Your Talent Agency throughout my network. They have very good knowledge of the complex market, but more importantly, are an experienced parter to level with. Even with very limited information, they managed to achieve a lot of success in a short period of time! 

Cliffort Haakmeester – Recruitment Lead | Solvinity

“Your Talent Agency is an absolutely a great partner to work with. In the first place because they take the time to understand your company, ask the right questions and the type of colleagues you’re looking for. They take time to adjust their understanding so you’re at the same page. Secondly the network they have is a high quality one which leads to good interviews and candidates.”

Andreas Prins – VP Product | Xebialabs/Mendix 


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