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About Global Hiring in 2023

We’ve created a whitepaper about different recruitment strategies and the future of international hiring. Let this guide help you find the right strategy tailored to your company’s short- and long-term goals. 

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Recruitment Services

Fully Outsourced (RPO)

No recruitment team? We will create one for you. With an RPO team, you no longer need to worry about your recruitment KPIs. From implementing an ATS, building a strong recruitment procedure to an Employee Value Proposition. Too many buzzwords? Let our team fill you in on the latest developments in the recruitment industry.

Recruitment Boost (RPO)

You have a recruitment team but, let’s face it, they’re swamped. Let us give you a hand. We will assign a dedicated recruiter to work with your team for a minimum of three months (24 hours per week). We do our homework and become one with your brand and values. Three job opening pipelines guaranteed.

Old school backup

You have a recruitment team but they need Batman-style backup for 1 or 2 extremely important roles. No worries, we got it covered. Those emails, phone calls, and Zoom meetings are no longer on your plate. All you have to do is pick the final badass candidates to interview.


Start recruiting global talent, today.

No matter your industry, we know that the bottom line matters. Put your time, money and energy where they count, in scaling up at hyper speed, and let us handle the rest.

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“Your Talent Agency is making our lives easier, knowing that our candidates are in good hands when relocating to the Netherlands. We have been able to focus on scaling rapidly with the right people without restrictions on where our employees are coming from. Your Talent Agency relocates people from all over the world and they are a joy to work with!”
Paul Beets

Head of Recruitment and Project

"Hiring Your Talent Agency is such a smart move! Not only did they provide us with top quality candidates for an extremely tight hiring deadline, they ensured a clear recruitment process for our stakeholders and candidates alike all the while staying flexible and accessible when our business needs changed. Working with YTA means you’re guaranteed a professional and successful approach to your recruitment needs as well as a dedicated partner for your long-term hiring strategy.”
Nina Schein

Head of Talent Acquisition

"Your Talent Agency is an absolutely great partner to work with us. In the first place because they take the time to understand your company, ask the right questions and the type of colleagues you’re looking for. They take time to adjust their understanding so you’re at the same page. Secondly the network they have is a high quality one which leads to good interviews and candidates."
Andreas Prins

VP of Product

"I was informed about your Talent Agency throughout my network. They have very good knowledge of the complex market, but more importantly, are an experienced partner to level with. Even with very limited information, they managed to achieve a lot of success in a short period of time!"
Cliffort Haakmeester

Recruitment Lead

"Your Talent Agency always thinks in ‘unlimited possibilities’. Talents come from all over the world and are very divers in background and personality. Your Talent Agency is a good listener to our wishes, work fast and structured, keeps the agreements that have been made and introduces the right talent. Your Talent Agency is a valuable partner for our talent acquisition challenges!"
Jurriaan Graaf

Head of People

Your Talent Agency has your back, from A to Z.