Temporary Staffing

For epic people

Hire EPIC developers for temporary projects

This is Temporary Staffing

Scale up quickly with our temporary staffing solutions. Use temporary workers to take the place of absent employees or to work on a project. They also add to their staff through busy seasons such as the holiday shopping season and increase the number of workers to assist in projects of short duration. Temporary jobs also provide workers for positions scheduled to be phased out due to budget cuts or reorganization.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Flexible Solutions

Fast Hire

Low Risk

Transparent cost

How Temporary Staffing works:


We ask the right questions to gain a clear understanding of your current hiring needs and customize your package accordingly. We create the list of requirements and the job description.


We approach our network of only the finest professionals and pitch them the assignment.


We screen, interview, and assess which candidates will fit your unique assignment best. We always put people first and keep you updated in a consistent and proactive way.

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