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No matter your industry, we know that the bottom line matters. Put your time, money and energy where they count, in scaling up at hyper speed, and let us handle the rest.

What's in it for you?

Let go of the nitty-gritty administrative work and take the pressure off of your HR or Recruitment team to focus on scaling.

Save valuable time and cost

Boost onboarding experience

Make sure your new hire finds a great home away from home (in this "koude kikkerland") by feeling belonged and a soft landing.

Less paperwork,

more efficiency

Forget about dealing with visa and immigration, we'll take it

from here.


Relocate your talent. Simple, personal and fast.

If you help move 10 or 100 international hires to the Netherlands, there's so much to consider. Our take-it-off-all-your-chest relocation service gives you nothing to worry about. We call this a win-win-win. For you, your new hire and us!

You have four weeks to help Chris find a house

You are relocating Justin to your Netherlands office

You need visa approval in seven weeks for Caroline to start working

You help Aaliyah get approval for 30% ruling

You find Rie a flight from Portugal to Netherlands in a week

You assist Cheng setting an appointment with Dutch muncipality

Expat-friendly relocation services

Now that you've hired talent overseas, it's time to dig into the logistics of relocating them to the Netherlands. We help you carefully manage your international hires in every possible from start to end - you name it. All you have to do is introduce us to your expat and we'll take it from here!


We handle IND recognized sponsorships and all visa applications, legal footwork, work permits, 30% ruling and Blue card. We make sure we give you the best financial advice and prepare appointments beforehand for them to receive their BSNs and bank account after arrival.

Setting up in a new country isn’t easy. We’ll make sure your hires are equipped with the right Dutch courses, daycare and schools, General Practitioner and dentist. We’ll pick them up at Schiphol and make sure they get connected to the Wi-Fi of their new home as soon as they enter through the door.

We are there every step of the way as your new hires emigrate. This involves everything from packing up their lives and moving their families, contents of their home (even their pets) and finding their perfect new home in the Netherlands.



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Expat-friendly relocation services

How we do it

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Next, we will align and triple check with your internal team to make sure everybody is ready to onboard new international talent. We’ll connect with your HR/Recruitment team, onboard them to our innovative relocation platform where all the communication takes place and relocation process is tracked.

2. Onboard

After closing a new hire, you upload their data into our relocation platform. Then we have our first call with your international hire to get to know them and their needs, inform about the entire relocation journey and answer any questions.

3. Kick off

If you are a scale-up experiencing challenges with local recruitment, hiring internationals and relocating them to the Netherlands could be the best solution for your business! We will do a quick scan of your hiring needs and will give you honest feedback if relocation could help solve your scaling challenges. Most probably, you will!

1. Scan

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If you are ready to outsource relocation services or don't know where to start, reach out to us and we'll help you out! Leave your contact information below and you can expect a call or email from us shortly.

A selection of scale-up success

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FLATEXDegiro success
Capgemini success
JET success

75+ relocations

20+ countries

10 months

18 relocations

3 countries

5 months

200+ relocations

50+ countries

18 months



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Start relocating global talent, today.

No matter your industry, we know that the bottom line matters. Put your time, money and energy where they count, in scaling up at hyper speed, and let us handle the rest.

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No matter your industry, we know that the bottom line matters. Put your time, money and energy where they count, in scaling up at hyper speed, and let us handle the rest.

Start relocating global talent, today.

Our successes include the sourcing, recruiting and relocating #epic tech professionals ranging from software engineers to CTO’s and everything in between (like QAs, data and network specialists, devops and engineering & product managers, if you’re wondering.)

Join the club of #epic tech scaleups in their hypergrowth phase

Meet our happy client

“Your Talent Agency is making our lives easier, knowing that our candidates are in good hands when relocating to the Netherlands. We have been able to focus on scaling rapidly with the right people without restrictions on where our employees are coming from. Your Talent Agency relocates people from all over the world and they are a joy to work with!”

Paul Beets

Head of Recruitment and Project

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