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Solvinity discovers the benefits of hiring talent beyond borders


Solvinity is responsible for building a cloud security environment. In this case, they took on a great client that is one of the biggest security companies in the Netherlands but, with all great clients comes great responsibility. They had to find a lot of new employees in a short amount of time in a very scarce work industry. Their current recruitment team could not find enough candidates, because they had other ongoing important projects. They required at least 20 sourced candidates per day for roles such as Linux, Windows, DevOps, etc. They are in a high hiring capacity because of their increasing business needs. That is where Your Talent Agency comes in…


We started our collaboration by reinforcing their recruitment team by sourcing epic candidates, which soon changed to the full 360 cycle of recruitment. We also introduced them to the benefits of sourcing, recruiting, and relocating IT-professionals from all over the world. The idea of relocation was completely new to them, and they were, of course, a bit skeptical. After carefully introducing them to the process, we ran a pilot on one of their candidates. The process of relocation went smoothly and without any complications. The candidate was very positive about our services, and so was Solvinity. We have now hired 6 new candidates in the last 6 months, and this is just the beginning!