Source #epic tech candidates worldwide, easily. 

We’ll identify, assess and engage potential candidates for your
vacancies faster than you can say “bitterballen”.

Reach out to highly skilled talent
in a jiffy

Establish an ongoing flow of pipeline

Make sure your candidates become applicants and ambassadors

Let’s work together


We’ll search for and find the best available talent out there for you.


We’ll double and triple check that they are aligned with your company values and business objectives.


We’ll strategize and make sure you have a consistent pipeline of skilled individuals that make badass applicants.

How it works

Starting at €1,560 a week, an #epic sourcer(er) will be assigned to your case for 24 hours a week for three months. Three job opening pipelines guaranteed.

OK, we’ll spill the tea, here’s part of how we do what we do. We have access to an #epic global talent pool of 30 million strong candidates. That’s more than the population of Australia. It is also more than any other recruitment agency based in the Netherlands. It all starts here, with people. The odds are in your favor of onboarding your future awesome colleagues (so that you can get back to scaling up and being #epic).

Define the approach

Think of it like a first date. We want to get to know all about you and your company in the intake process. You talk, we’ll listen and take notes. When you’re ready, we’ll share our plan of action with you. This includes a market analysis and feedback on job specifications and market trends. We also prefer to share with you what you can realistically expect in the range and estimation of candidates that will really knock your socks off.

Build the talent pipeline

We’ve got our sleeves rolled up and we’re getting to work. We won’t bore you with the ins and outs, but the gist is this: we cast out our net to a variety of channels, platforms, job boards, partners. That generates interest on both active and passive candidates platforms. When someone catches our eye, we activate them and pre-screen them. Then we sell them on your company’s Value Proposition.  

This isn’t our first rodeo, we know that you value transparency, so we keep you informed via weekly reporting.

Applicant’s activation

When it comes to activating badass applicants, for us, it is a sacred process. We guard the sourcing process between the candidates and our clients with our lives.

We’ll hammer out the talent pipeline so those vacancies get filled with awesome colleagues posthaste. We’ll source, follow up, and make sure they become just as enthusiastic about working with you as we are.

Start finding global
talent, today.

No matter your industry, we know that the bottom line matters.
Put your time, money and energy where they count, in scaling up at
hyper speed, and let us handle the rest.

1. Book a Free call

Let’s get to know each other and discuss your sourcing challenges and goals.

2. Let’s create your unique
personalized sourcing package.

Our sourcing team will provide you with a strategy and a tailored quote
for your specific needs and budget.

3. Turn candidates into applicants

Hand over the reins and we’ll take care of the rest.
You’ll be kept regularly in the loop and will have a consistent
pipeline of skilled #epic talent at your fingertips.

Join the club of #epic tech scaleups
in their hypergrowth phase

Our successes include the sourcing, recruiting and relocation of #epic tech professionals ranging
from software engineers to CTO’s and everything in between (like QAs, data and network
specialists, devops and engineering & product managers, if you’re wondering.)

“Your Talent Agency always thinks in ‘unlimited possibilities’. Talents come from all over the world and are very divers in background and personality. Your Talent Agency is a good listener to our wishes, work fast and structured, keeps the agreements that have been made and introduces the right talent. Your Talent Agency is a valuable partner for our talent acquisition challenges! “

Jurriaan Graaf Aidence
“I was informed about your Talent Agency throughout my network. They have very good knowledge of the complex market, but more importantly, are an experienced partner to level with. Even with very limited information, they managed to achieve a lot of success in a short period of time!”

Cliffort Haakmeester, Recruitment Lead Solvinity
“Your Talent Agency is making our lives easier, knowing that our candidates are in good hands when relocating to the Netherlands. We have been able to focus on scaling rapidly with the right people without restrictions on where our employees are coming from. Your Talent Agency relocates people from all over the world and they are a joy to work with!”

Paul Beets, Head of Tech Recruitment and Project Just Eat Take Away
“Your Talent Agency is an absolutely great partner to work with us. In the first place because they take the time to understand your company, ask the right questions and the type of colleagues you’re looking for. They take time to adjust their understanding so you’re at the same page. Secondly the network they have is a high quality one which leads to good interviews and candidates.”

Andreas Prins, VP Product Mendix
“Hiring Your Talent Agency is such a smart move! Not only did they provide us with top quality candidates for an extremely tight hiring deadline, they ensured a clear recruitment process for our stakeholders and candidates alike all the while staying flexible and accessible when our business needs changing. Working with Your Talent Agency means you’re guaranteed a professional and successful approach to your recruitment needs as well as a dedicated partner for your long-term hiring strategy.”

Nina Schein, Head of Talent Acquisition Otrium

Want to scale fast,
every day?

Share your details and we’ll share success stories from our
clients and knowledge to help you source, recruit and
relocate #epic international tech talent faster. You can opt
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