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What is DigiD?

What is DigiD (pronounced as dee-gi-de)?  You will probably hear this word for quite a while after you land in the Netherlands and wondering what the hell it has to do with you. 🤷‍♀️ DigiD is your digital ID, which comprises a username and password of your choice. With your DigiD, you can get access to hundreds of Dutch government portals, such as MijnOverheid. Okay hold on, it’s not ...

Stress Management 101

While we wrap up this year’s #StressAwarenessMonth, it is time to draw some conclusions for ourselves. As we mentioned in our previous article, being aware of your stress and understanding it is the first and most important step in tackling it. But now that we know how our stressful experiences might look like – by recognizing the causes ...

Stress Awareness 101

Did you know that since 1992, April has been recognized as the Stress Awareness Month? Do not get me wrong, it is by no means about dwelling on stressors and feeling blue for 30 days in a row! In fact, stress awareness is about drawing attention to the importance of mental well-being, health consequences of stress, ...