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flatexDEGIRO achieves ambitious growth targets with Your Talent Agency

Your Talent Agency takes over the entire relocation process of international employees from flatexDEGIRO to the Netherlands. Haarlem, March 8, 2022 – flatexDEGIRO, a European online broker, chooses Your Talent Agency, a specialist in sourcing, recruitment and relocation of tech talent, to realize its own growth objectives. The past year was all about scaling up for flatexDEGIRO. At ...

Is your scale-up sexy enough for Gen Z?

We all know that attracting employees around this period of time is more than just difficult. You’ll need an entire recruitment team (who are also scarce around this period) to find the purple unicorns out there. Lots of companies are not settling down anymore for a purple unicorn, they see that the quests to find the ...

41 reasons to move to the Netherlands in 2022

Some foreigners do not even know our little country the Netherlands or as the Dutch call it ''Koude Kikkerlandje'', and often associated the Netherlands with Amsterdam. The usual saying generally goes like “Oh, I want to visit Amsterdam once in my life”. Because they want to do weed or go to the Red Light District. Believe ...