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Trunkrs │Growth for Sustained Scale

TRUNKRS │Scale for Sustainable Growth

At Your Talent Agency, we make agile promises to deliver value. But in delivering on this promise, we should be able to report our results and show clients that our slogan of matching #epic international talent to tech scaleups is not just mere ink on paper.

We challenge organizations to rethink traditional ways of hiring. TRUNKRS is one of the clients who has taken up the challenge and entrusted us with shaping their workforce for the long term. We provided support in scaling up their Dutch and future international team capacity within Tech-, Marketing-, Finance-, Customer Support- and Sales Departments.


Trunkrs logoA Marker of Success in the Dutch Start-up Ecosystem

TRUNKRS is a tailor-made human tech platform that operates based on self-built apps with a mission to make package delivery from web shops more sustainable. Its smart and flexible delivery service places the recipient at the center and ensures fewer unnecessary trips.

To get the business off the ground and scale it up, Your Talent Agency went along with TRUNKRS through a developmental stage and delivered tailored support, focusing on two of our core areas of expertise: Recruitment & Relocation.


What Our Customer Says

“Your Talent Agency supported us in closing roles within a short amount of time. A team of very well-seasoned Recruitment Business Partners and Relocation Specialists of Your Talent Agency worked directly shoulder to shoulder with our hiring managers, which kept the communication lines short and the way of working transparent and fast. We couldn’t have made the progress in hiring that we have done over the last 6 months in 2022 without their support.”


Customer Challenge

From Start-up to Fast-Growing Tech Delivery Platform and Market Leader

TRUNKRS was assigned to scale in a fast and sustainable way due to its new onboarded investors. Scaling the teams had to be done across the Netherlands, whilst keeping in mind that the company had expansion plans to other countries.

Before partnering with Your Talent Agency in 2022, TRUNKRS’ internal teams were overstretched. With the phenomenal growth in the number of users due to the pandemic and the change in the delivery industry, TRUNKRS had to capitalize on this growth across multiple countries in Europe quickly.



Recruitment Strategy: Tailormade and Shoulder-to-shoulder Approach

We joined TRUNKRS with a team of initially two all-round recruiters and added one recruiter after two months to the team, to scale the Customer Support and Finance teams in the Netherlands and abroad. Your Talent Agency’s Recruitment Business Partners and Relocation Specialists were able to improve the candidate experience within a matter of days, and were able to integrate significant market data into the hiring strategy as well as focusing on the Employer of Record and improving our relocation policies at the same time.



We Attracted and Hired Top Talent

Your Talent Agency hired 26 candidates for TRUNKRS in just 6 months. Due to our strong sourcing capabilities, we were able to build up a pipeline of candidates from various well-known local and global scale-ups. We enjoyed working together with TRUNKRS as the team is very energetic and the company is very sustainable and human driven.


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